Produit Intérieur Brut will help you strike that tricky balance between shabby and chic!

When opting for the ‘shabby chic’ vibe, you have to be aware that you’re walking something of a style tightrope. One slip could end in fashion disaster….thankfully, PIB-home ( is here to guide you through the potential pitfalls involved in decorating your home. Shabby chic furniture takes on many guises.

Vintage chairs and tables are an integral part of the shabby chic look

It frequently involves the heavy use of wood, silks, floral fabrics, pastel tones and the liberal application of cushions. Tactile materials like velvet and fake fur add to this style’s sensory appeal.

In the bathroom, which can be a somewhat neglected space, the judicious use of porcelain, marble or copper can work wonders. The bath, naturally enough, should be the centrepiece of any bathroom, so for a shabby chic bathroom, you’ll be looking for a retro-style bath to complete the look.

Vintage tables and chairs also have their part to play in creating this special ambiance. Heavy metal items, such as the chair shown below, create a contrast with the softer side of shabby chic. They also help inject a dose of practicality into your interior design.