The perfect present: a lovely Noreve leather smartphone cover!

Everywhere you look, you’ll see people with smartphones and tablets. These expensive devices aren’t always looked after how they ought to be – that is, with a top-quality case offering real protection. Still looking for inspiration for a gift? Look no further than Noreve and its quality leather covers and cases! They’re painstakingly-crafted to the highest standards, carefully-designed to be as practical as they are elegant, totally customizable (different leather finishes, colours, additional options….) – regardless of the kind of smartphone or tablet you have!

Noreve’s leather case for the iphone 6 +

Designed with every last detail in mind…

To take one example, Noreve has two different leather covers for the Blackberry Passport (and the Passport Silver) mobile phones: one with a top clasp and the other with a wallet-type side clasp. Both covers are cut out in order to offer easy access to the camera (and the flash), headphones and the charging and sync ports – there’s no need to take the device out of its case to get at these features. The wallet-style clasp version also boasts room for two business or credit cards, a pocket for a stylus and a leather stand at the back – extremely practical for desk use.
What’s more, Noreve ( pays just the same attention to detail to every one of its products, which cater to all the most popular devices on the market!